Jackl, the forest sled

Application range

This versatile pulk sled can be used for a wide range of applications, from transporting materials to forestry work and hunting.

Equipment versions

The sledge is available in two versions. In addition two different hoods and a deer drag are optionally available.

An absolute allrounder

Walking alone is strenuous enough when you're climbing, transporting and touring, so every extra kilo weighs heavily. In addition, equipment is often bulky and heavy, but should be stowed well and take up as little space and energy as possible. The Jackl not only provides a safe place for equipment and food, the Jackl Pulka also takes the strain off your back. You can comfortably load your forest bob with all kinds of equipment and pull it behind you like a sledge or push it in front of you. Towing and pushing is made easier by the pull bars on the full version. The padded recovery aid makes towing much more comfortable. If it turns out that the route you have chosen is rather unfavorable, you can work with a partner. The first person runs ahead pulling the Akia and makes a path, the second person can support the push bars.

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