Application range

An aid for all situations! The recovery sled can be used for a wide range of applications. Thanks to the two different model versions, it meets all requirements. The shape of the forest bob is designed to glide easily over obstacles such as branches, stones or trunks and straightens up again easily in an inclined position. Its shell made of HTP (high-performance thermoplastic polyethylene), makes it dimensionally stable and resistant to impacts and abrasion.


  • The tray makes it easier to retrieve game, especially from rough terrain
  • Hunting in sensitive areas: no blood marks in the snow! 
  • Convenient transportation of game food 
  • Transport of a climbing seat
  • Transport of material for hunting grounds (salt licks, mallets, underlay stones, etc.) 

Forest work

  • Transport of forest plants for planting work, from the forest road to the planting area
  • Winch-assisted transportation, e.g. on forest restoration areas
  • Transport of tools for forestry work (chainsaw, flail, fuel canister)

Additional information

The tub-shaped forest bob can be called an Akia (also spelled Ackja or Akia) or a Pulka. A pulka, also known as a Nansen sledge, is originally a boat-like sledge that can be used as a rescue or transport sledge as well as for winter use. A plastic tub like the JACKL can also be used as a transport sled for winter trekking tours and can be pulled by the hiker himself.